Since the early 1900s, the baseball cap has been a staple of American culture. We bring the baseball cap to your vehicle. The FYG Cap is a subtle and unique way to show your school pride. Every FYG Cap is handmade in America and has the touch and feel of an authentic baseball cap.
The FYG Cap uses the same screws currently on your license plate to attach firmly to your vehicle. Mounting happens in less than 3 minutes. The FYG Cap is completely legal as it doesn't block out any of the tags on your license plate. Each FYG Cap is hand-sprayed with a high gloss automotive paint, UV protectant and a clear coat to protect against the elements.

Instead of boring old car flags, bumper stickers, decals or license plate frames that have nothing to do with the actual sports, be the first to have a real, sports-themed, three-dimensional product on your vehicle. Multiple uses for the FYG Cap include: a photo frame, memorabilia for signatures, ornamental usage, or give-aways.